Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Honeymoon Day 2 - Vancouver

After sleeping in a bit, Marc and I ventured out in search of food (what else is new?). Lo and behold there was a Denny's right across the street. Clearly we had arrived in heaven . . . .

After finishing [a deliciously unhealthy] breakfast, we scooted back to our hotel to catch a cab to Stanley Park.
Our most favorite part of Stanley Park was by far the Aquarium!! They had so many different animals - from frogs to seals to sloths and alligators! The one animal that kept us talking the entire trip, however, was the two month old baby beluga whale. She was absolutely adorable. She was born at the aquarium, as was her mother. We had such a great time at the aquarium and spent a good half day just looking at everything!!

After we explored all that the Aquarium had to offer, Marc and I hailed a cab and headed [at the cabbie's suggestion] over to the Planetarium. We also enjoyed a tour of Vancouver along the way . . . .

After we finished at the Planetarium, we went in search of food [again], and wound up at a hot dog cart near our hotel called Japadog. They served all kinds of crazy hot dogs. Marc and I stuck to a traditional one, but apparently Anthony Bourdain went all out when he visited the stand!

We finished our hot dogs and went back to our room....where we continued to snack until we fell asleep . . . Vancouver was awesome!!!

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